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The Impact of Gender Discrimination on women’s health

Image Credit: Pexels Photo by olia danilevich

Gender discrimination is a debatable and hot topic to discuss. There are several things to say about gender discrimination. Even in this developing society, unfortunately, the majority of girls face gender inequality. To some extent, men cannot bear the success of women.

Due to it, in some corners of society, men are dominating. Therefore, they always try to let down their women either by sexual abuse or by physical torture. To a large extent, this physical torture had a tremendous adverse impact on women’s health. In addition to that, gender differences damage mental health and restrict the growth of women in different sectors.

These men dominating society give so many benefits to the men, which, unfortunately, women do not have. It damages the mental health of women. In addition to that, females can do numerous tasks, but due to a lack of opportunities, they cannot achieve the things which they want. Women with disabilities face several problems.

Women who have disabilities:

  • Usually, physical women disable face numerous issues that include family violence, sexual assault, and so on. Even they are treated as the burden of the family. Due to it, they fall into the trap of stress, anxiety, depression.
  • They do not get work opportunities. As a result, most of them remain deprived of experience employment. Due to it, they feel like a failure person, which breaks them mentally completely.

Gender issues put the happier women into the stressful and most failure women. So now the question is: what are the reasons for gender inequality?

Reasons for gender inequality:

  • The most common reason is education. Mostly uneducated masses believe in gender inequality. In addition to that, they do not allow their daughters to study. Due to it, most talented women give their whole life to kitchen work.
  • In the workplace, women do not have equal rights as men have. If the women get the opportunity to handle a business’s activities, they will surely live up to the expectations of this society.
  • Women have a fear of raising her voice against sexual abuse because of their so cold ethics. It is not their fault, but it is the fault of thinking. From their childhood to till marry, usually, girl gets the training on how to be peaceful. Due to it, they do not have enough confidence of raising the voice.

Apart from it, surroundings are also associated with gender inequality. Due to a lack of opportunities, women feel disturbed. As a result, there are high chances that they try to attempt suicide too.

In the end, it is a time to end gender inequality and give equal rights. Otherwise, women will suffer from several mental health-related issues.

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