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Why is it essential to know stitching to remain fashionable?

It is said that stitching is only Taylor’s job. However, this is not completely true. Many women in India know how to stitch, yet they are not tailors. This is because there are many benefits to knowing this talent. If you even get time in your life, then learn to stitch clothes. Let’s discuss down below the importance of stitching and its contribution to remaining fashionable.

It saves a lot of money. 

The same dress that designer stitches cost thousands and sometimes lakhs also. But of course, you cannot afford this expensive dress until and unless you are a millionaire. However, if you know how to stitch, you can stitch that same dress much cheaper, or we can say the lowest price. The best part is that nobody can know about it. You can tell them that you purchase this dress from the designer only.

Design your clothes

Design your own clothes
Image credit: Pexels

Do you know that Indian social media sensation Urfi Javed stitch her clothes? She becomes a fashion icon for wearing unique clothes. And it is because she design as well as stitches her clothes. You can also do the same. Design whatever you like in whatever color and then stitch it accordingly. There is no hassle that you have to make someone else understand the instructions. From suits to dresses, you can stitch anything.

Wear the latest trend

It is celebrities who decide the trend of fashion. If they wear a dress today, it will become a trend the next day. But you cannot wait for the same dress to come to the market and wear it. Till then, some other dress will become trending. Therefore, if you know how to stitch, you can make that dress the next day you see it on social media. This is the biggest pro of knowing the stitching process. Wear what is trending.

Recycling of clothes

Do you know that owing so much on clothes is also not beneficial for the environment? Therefore, you can recycle your clothes if you know to stitch. This is also becoming very trending these days. You can make designer clothes out of your old clothes. However, this is only possible only if you know the stitching. For example, you can make a skirt or suit from your saree. This is a trending fashion style these days. You can also join this trend if you know to stitch.

These are the four benefits of knowing how to stitch. Never think of it as small work. Always remember that many designers earn millions of money because of stitching only. They have started with basic stitching also. It is a very good career option also.

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