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Most important health concerns of women

Most important health concerns of women
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A woman has more chances of dying because of a deadly disease as compared to men. Today we will talk about the major health concerns of women.

People often talk about equality when we talk about health concerns and stuff. But they don’t know that a women faces more things than men. Hence, the diseases of women are also more than the diseases of men. A women needs to take care of her health more to live a healthy long life. Today we will be talking about the major woman health concerns down below:

  • Breast cancer

According to the WHO survey of WHO it is found that out of 12 every one women has a high chance of cancer. Nowadays the chances are converting to the harsh reality. The lifestyle of women has changed a lot during previous years and so do the diseases. Breast cancer, as well as survival cancer, are most common among women. Spreading awareness is the best way to beat breast cancer. Women must visit Doctors for routine checkups.

  • Cardiovascular disease

Heart problems are not only for Indians but also for the women of the whole earth. According to the recent study it has been found that lots of women are diagnosed with heart related issues . The major reason for this is the unhealthy lifestyles and smoking. A women should live a healthy lifestyle from an early age. She has to remain active and indulges into exercises and sports. Apart from this, quit smoking as soon as possible.

  • Anemia

Low level of red blood cells into the blood is known as anemia. A woman is at risk of anemia as compared to any man. Because she has to go through the menstruation cycle every month and then lost lots of blood during the pregnancy. All these things may cause anemia if not handled properly. An anemic woman may look healthy from outside but not from inside. She may feel very tired and low throughout the day. If you feel the same you must visit a doctor and start taking important medicines.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes is very common in men but type 2 diabetes is also very common among women. According to a recent study doctors found that women are getting caught by diabetes 2 these days. It may occur because of unhealthy lifestyles. It may occur to obese women and women who smoke.

These four are the most common major concerns of women’s health today. However, many of them are deadly concerns. If not diagnosed properly it may lead to death. But if you start living a healthy lifestyle today you may say goodbye to these diseases. There are many ways to do this. Eat healthily, do exercises, stay happy and see nothing cannot even touch you. It depends on you whether you want to live a healthy life or a life full of diseases.

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