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How has Iranian fashion changed in the last century?

Image Credit: Pexels Photo by mostafa meraji

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, changes bring numerous revolutions. Either the changes are related to fashion or in another sector. When it comes to style, then women are pretty possessive regarding their looks. Some of the women love simplicity or simple outfits, while some of them want a modern look.

In other words, the choice of women’s fashion varies from their perception. However, when it comes to Iran fashion, the hijab has been an essential part of the Iranian culture. In addition to that, this has not been changed since the Gret Cyrus governorship.


In the previous times, women used to wear long and heavy skirts. These skirts covered their whole legs. In addition to that, they wore a piece of cloth on their head. This piece does not only protect their head but also their chest too. Over time, this covering evolves, and different fashion trends were arrived and went. In addition to that, there are some kings who put pressure on the public of wearing the hijab.

However, this step was not preferred by all audiences. Due to it, the restrictions were eased down, and wearing was no more compulsory. It becomes an option for Iranian women across Iran. This ease was implemented for a short time. As time passage, because of the Islamic revolution, things were altered. In addition to that, as a result, the obligatory hijab got the entry again.

However, this time, it comes in a new form that includes different colours and styles. But, again, it had the touch of Persian fashion.

Recent Iranian Fashion

With time, there are several changes occurred in Iranian Fashion. It includes, with increment in the hotness of weather, primarily women prefer bell-bottom trousers. In addition to that, the pairing of Buttonless Mantos and crop top wear with the shawls. Moreover, women also love to wear scarves.

This kind of difference is observed in the Iran fashion of present and past. Now women can wear bell-bottom jeans, take scarves to cover their head and so on.

In addition to that, if you are planning to explore, then you will have to choose the clothes wisely. First of all, you will have to look for the weather in Iran when you are going.

So, according to the weather, make the selection of clothes. In addition to that, for women, it is essential to cover the hair. In addition to that, you have several options of covering the hair, such as a scarf, shawl, or so on.

In the end, these are the changes that occurred in the Iranian fashion. Covering the head is essential for women.

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