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What sort of things makes childhood bad?

Image Credit: Pexels Photo by BARBARA RIBEIRO

Childhood trauma is such a worst thing that leaves traces for the rest of life. It can be an actual situation or the circumstances which you experience during childhood. Once you face a vulnerable position, then you may face problems in adapting to the surroundings. Sometimes, the child does not feel safe too.

Moreover, childhood trauma does not only affect the personality but the thinking of the victim. They may find their life challenging and cumbersome at the same time. Even they face difficulty in explaining their exact condition too.

Keep the one thing in your mind that childhood trauma involves any physical danger, but there are several reasons. The things which leave the child alone, terrified or traumatic, can make your childhood bad.

Obvious vs. hidden form of childhood trauma:

Not all the experiences are good, but some are traumatic too. They are unexpected, and you cannot stop them.

On the other side, obvious trauma includes several following factors:

  • It may be the death of a loved one because of illness.
  • Any natural disaster
  • Any accident
  • Experience the physical abuse
  • Migration

In addition to that, some natural things like the environment can also become the reason for childhood trauma. This kind of situation involves:

  • Poverty life
  • Suddenly change the school
  • Sick sibling
  • Any medical surgery
  • Living in a fighting environment
  • Single parent and so on.

Trauma is categorized into emotional trauma, too, as adults suffer from emotional trauma, likewise children too. Here is the list of some examples which are related to emotional trauma.

  • Bullied by the senior in school
  • Humiliating experience at the school
  • Do not get proper attention from the parents
  • Being neglected by the loved ones

All of these can be the reason for a bad childhood. Among all these traumas, sexual abuse is the biggest one. Even children take plenty of time to overcome this trauma. On the other side, it is not difficult to cope up with the sexual abuse situation. It leaves a long-lasting negative impact on the child, which may ruin their future and present.

Due to it, the child does not feel able to live their life completely and joyfully. It leads to a lack of confidence and plenty of hesitation. Right from emotional trauma to environmental trauma, all are worst for the children. In addition to that, they cannot share this problem with their parents too.

As a result, they always feel unsafe in between their kith and kin too. It is hard for them to deal with this situation not to explain their feelings to their loved ones.

In the end, it is the responsibility of parents to look for all the sudden changes in their children’s behavior. Further, they should have a frank relationship with their kids. Due to it, they can easily share their thoughts with their parents. 

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