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Food that you must avoid in winters

Food that you must avoid in winters
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People are fond of eating in winters. It feels so good to eat while sitting in a cozy warm blanket. But these are certain food items that you must avoid in winters. We will discuss those today.

Winter has started with lots of cool breeze and low temperature. Everyone wants to chill in a cozy blanket and eat lots of tasty food. People want to eat every type of food in winter like fast food, dry fruits, dairy products, and many more. But there are certain items that you must not eat in winters for certain reasons. Today we will learn about those items and the reason behind it.

  • Alcohol

Though alcohol is not exactly a food item it belongs to the same category. When you consume alcohol it heats up your body at once. But after some time the effect gets reversed. It will cool down your body to a large extent. If you don’t have enough clothes and a blanket you cannot survive that coldness in your body. It is very harmful for your body also.

  • Dairy products

Dairy products may seem very odd in this list but it is, what it is. The reason behind it is that all the milk products that you buy from shops are already condensed. So if you take these products regularly it may result in fever and a bout of cold. It includes all the milk products like milk, cheese, buttermilk, etc. It’s not that you completely give up these products but avoid them as much as you can.

  • Noodles

It includes every type of noodle like rice noodle, two minutes noodles, Korean noodles ,etc. The reason is that these snacks are high in fat and carbs. It can lead to obesity. Also, there is sodium present in noodles that may make you thirsty again and again. The more water you drink, the more you have to pee. No one wants to leave their blanket again and again to leave the washroom and pee.

  • Nuts

Winter is the season of nuts. But it is nothing more than fat. More nuts you eat in winters, the more fat you will gather in your body. Everyone does a little less exercise in winters because of the laziness and coziness. Also you sweat less than the summers. Therefore, you will become more fat in winters as compared to the summers. Moreover, if you cannot give up on the nuts then do double exercises and burn double calories. Only then it can balance the effect.

These are the four food items that you must avoid in winters. We are not saying to completely give up these items but avoid them to the possible extent. These items are not very harmful or poisonous to the human body but have bad effects on health. It depends on you whether you want to spend winters remaining healthy or want to gain weight and obese.

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