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Best street food items of India

Best street food items of India
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Almost everyone is a fan of the spicy street food of India. There are lots of items that you can try on the streets of India. Today we will discuss those street food items in this piece of information.

India is a very diverse country with people from different religions and tastes. The same diversity can be seen in its food, especially the street food items. You will be amazed with the varieties of street food available here. There are different and unique methods of making these foods. Today we will learn about the street food of India.

  • Kathi rolls

Kathi rolls are the specialty of Kolkata. Streets of Kolkata are full of kathi rolls vendors. The roll is tasty enough to make someone drool. It is made up of all purpose flour’s parantha type of. The parantha is filled with lots of ingredients like kebabs, veggies and lots of sauce. You can pick any kathi rolls like veg, non-veg, mutton, paneer and many more. In the cold breezes of winter when you eat hot drizzling rolls it will give you next level sensations.

  • Daulat ki chaat

Daulat ki chaat is a super delicious dessert that makes everyone wait a lot. Because it is available in winters only. The dessert is known as Daulat ki chaat in Delhi only. It has several other names also like nimish in Lucknow, malayo in Varanasi. The milk is wished for hours to obtain the creamy and smooth texture of the chat. It is keeped overnight in an open jar made up of mud. Then vendors garnish the chat with lots of dry fruits.

  • Mirchi ke pakode

You cannot call yourself a spice lover if you don’t eat these pakode. The dish is made up of long and broad chillies stuffed with potato and other material. Then the mirchi is dipped in besan and deep fried. You can eat this pakode with coriander chutney and you will remember the taste for years. This is a famous steeet food dish of Rajasthan. People also call it Jodhpur Mirchi Vada.

  • Chhole Bhature

Punjabi’s cannot live without Chhole bhature. The bhature is made up of all deep fried all purpose flour. It is like a roti but with a completely different texture and taste. Chole is a dish made up of either black or white grains. It is served with chilly, chutney, salad, and a glass of lassi. The streets of Punjab are full of Chhole Bhature. The dish is heavy enough to make your tummy full. It is available at both the streets of India as well as five-star restaurants.

These are the most famous street food dishes of India. Still, there are infinite dishes left but these are the main ones. People travel from different places just to eat these dishes. The taste, the texture, and everything are perfect for these dishes. You can try it out next time you visit the places.

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